Image pulled from emails about BearPrint sent by the IT Service Desk.

Image pulled from emails about BearPrint sent by the IT Service Desk.

Erin Rice, Staff Reporter

Shawnee State University is going to implement a new service called BearPrint. This service will be going live over Fall Break. Shawnee State University is trying to reduce their waste as many students have been accidentally printing unneeded papers. With BearPrint, students will have to swipe their Bear Card and intentionally release the card to print wanted documents.

Every student will receive $15 worth of credit on their Bear Card they can use to print papers during the semester. Each single-sided greyscale print costs five cents, while each single-sided colored print costs 15 cents. This $15 is an estimate of the average printing cost per student per semester. If students use more than the allotted $15, they will have to pay out of their own pocket for printing. As of now, the only printers that will be implementing BearPrint are the printers located in the library, University Center and the Student Success Center. Shawnee State University plans to introduce the service to classroom printers at a later time.

According to an email sent out to all students, “Posters have been hung near each printer included in the project to provide step by step directions for students.  Posters have also been hung near the machines where students can reload funds on their Bear Cards explaining how BearPrint charging works.” Students will be able to add funds to their Bear Cards at any time throughout the semester to ensure they have enough money for printing. If students have any questions, contact the library’s service desk at [email protected] or by phone at (740) 351-3255.