White Lady Still Haunts Residents After Two-Hundred Years

Erin Rice, Staff Reporter

As October begins, many people seek out a way to be scared. Millions flock to movie theaters to see horror films, while others find themselves waiting in long lines to go through haunted houses. Why waste money when you can be scared for free?  Portsmouth is filled with spirits of those who lived when the town was much younger, with countless stories of murder occurring in Portsmouth in the late nineteenth century. The most well-known ghost claimed to be witnessed is “The White Lady”, said to haunt Alexandria Point Park.

According to the legend, one dark October night in the 1800’s a crew of The Kanawha Gal boat were docked on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. All night long, they heard the screams and pleas of a woman from across the river. The next morning, a hunter came across the bloody body of a woman in white. This woman was Mary Fisk. When crews went to investigate Mary’s cabin, located at Alexandria Point, they found the cabin to be a bloody mess. Mary’s six-year-old son was nowhere to be found. The only clue they found was a huge bloody handprint on the door of the cabin. Mary’s husband was out of town on a hunting trip; because he was not due back for some time, Mary’s neighbors buried her in an unmarked grave. Ever since this October day, many people have called Alexandria Point “White Lady Point.” To this day, people still claim to see Mary’s ghost with outstretched hands screaming for help in the place where her home once stood. She has also been claimed to be seen chasing boats on the Ohio River in hopes of receiving the help that never came.

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