2019-2020 Staff

Keldon Bowling


Keldon Bowling is the editor for Shawnee State’s Chronicle. She is a senior majoring in English communications with a minor in business. Keldon took on the role of editor for The Chronicle in spring of 2019. Reporting on current...

Anissa Peoples

Staff Reporter

Anissa Peoples is a senior studying English communication with a minor in fine arts game design. She intends to one day work for a gaming company, preferably as a community manager. Her reporting interests include campus events,...

Mason Bryant

Staff Reporter

After taking a semester off, The Chronicle is happy to welcome back Staff Reporter Mason Bryant. Bryant’s work has been published numerous times in The Chronicle, and he is excited to get back to doing what he loves! He is a...

Shaylee Marshall

Staff Reporter

Shaylee is a junior at Shawnee State majoring in English. Reporting on student affairs and other events happening in the community, she is passionate about exploring the news of the area. In her free time, Shaylee enjoys reading,...

Hannah Sexton

Staff Reporter

Hannah Sexton is a sophomore studying early childhood education. She is interested in reporting events in the community and on campus. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys hanging out with friends and her dog, Piper. She also enjoys...

Erin Rice

Staff Reporter

Erin Rice is a sophomore majoring in English communications. Erin’s reporting interests include theater and community events. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and playing video games.

Jessica Adams

Staff Reporter

Jessica Adams is a sophomore at Shawnee State University. She is majoring in English communications. Her reporting interests are theater and campus services. Her hobbies include sleeping, reading, and talking with friends.

Savannah Morris

Staff Reporter

Savannah Morris is a freshman at Shawnee State University. Her major is business management with a minor in music. Some of Savannah’s hobbies are playing the piano, reading, singing, writing, and discussing conspiracy theories....

Seth Pluta

Staff Reporter

Seth Pluta is a junior at Shawnee State, majoring in sports management with a concentration in communication. He is interested in reporting on sports. Seth spends his free time playing baseball, as he is a member of Shawnee’s...

Chase Ward

Staff Reporter

Chase Ward is a senior who is currently majoring in sports management. Before going to Shawnee, he attended Waverly High School. He is mainly interested in reporting on Greek life, athletics and campus events. He participates...

Ashley Neice

Staff Reporter

My name is Ashley Neice. I am currently a senior here at SSU studying political science with a minor in communications. I love to write about politics, law (national security) and getting the latest scoop on the headlines that...

Victoria Reffit

Staff Reporter

While junior Victoria Reffit is an involved education major at Shawnee State University, she also makes an impact within her community.  In addition to attending events in the community and assisting with theater productions,...

Cameron Allen

Staff Reporter

My name is Cameron Allen. I am a senior here at Shawnee State University and my major is English. I will mostly focus on local issues and world events; these are the subjects that interest me the most because of their pertinence....

Nathan Ewing

Staff Reporter

Nathan Ewing is a junior who transferred from Snow College. He has an associates in liberal arts and science general studies. He is currently studying at Shawnee State for a major in sports management. Nathan enjoys reporting...

Austin Hannah

Staff Reporter

Austin Hannah is a staff member who wrote for the Chronicle this semester. He is originally from Waverly, Ohio and attended school at Waverly High School. In school, Hannah participated in soccer and football. He chose to attend...

Kyle McClellan

Staff Reporter

Kyle McClellan is a member of The Chronicle at Shawnee State University. Kyle is a senior with a major in sports management and a concentration in communication. His reporting interests are sports and music in the local area....

Trent Patterson

Staff Reporter

Trent Patterson is a junior at Shawnee State University and is majoring in sports management.  He is also a graduate of South Point High School in South Point, Ohio; but he is originally from Indianapolis, IN. Patterson is...

Jack Sharman-Dodd

Staff Reporter

Jack Sherman-Dodd is a student who transferred from Milton Keynes in England. He played soccer in New York for the past two years. Jack now plays soccer for Shawnee and plays the forward position. He enjoys staying active and...

Abigail Veazey

Staff Reporter

Abigail Veasey is a freshman at Shawnee State University who is undecided for her degree. Abigail enjoys reporting on music and local bands around the Portsmouth area and on Shawnee’s campus. Her hobbies include cosplaying as...

Ben Vannatta

Staff Reporter

Ben Vannatta is from Waverly, Ohio. He graduated from Waverly High School then went on to attend the University of Kentucky where he perused a degree in sports management. After his first year at Kentucky, Ben decided to transfer...

Mikhail R. Smith

Faculty Adviser