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Harley Dixon, Staff Reporter

Harley Dixon is a junior at Shawnee State University, studying to get his degree in sports management. With this degree, he hopes to continue his coaching career and if all goes to plan, one day become an athletic director as well.

Being raised in South Portsmouth, Kentucky, Harley always knew that Shawnee State would be an option. However, once he was given the opportunity to walk onto the tennis team, he couldn’t say no. Now in his third season on the team, he has taken a step back from playing due to a shoulder injury and is now more focused on furthering his coaching aspirations.

Outside of tennis, he has a large love for all things related to sports and cooking, although he considers himself quite the quite the “nerd” with a passion for Star Wars, Pokémon, and many other series that he enjoyed as a child.

While growing nearer to his graduation date, Harley has found news reporting more intriguing than ever, especially whenever writing for the Chronicle.

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