Isaac Abergut
Shawnee State has been lucky enough to have this stellar student athlete transfer in for the upcoming school year. Isaac Abergut is an international basketball player from Melbourne, Australia. His first-time leaving the country of Australia was two years ago when he came to the United States to go to college. He began his college career at a junior college in Montana at Miles College. After he graduated from Miles, he transferred to Shawnee State with hopes to continue his pursuit of a Communication degree while also playing on the men’s basketball team.

Isaac is not the biggest fan of writing when he is forced to write over a topic he has no interest in. However, when he is in control of what he gets to write about, he has no problem writing and can write for days. Over the last couple of years, Isaac has really gotten into racial inequality and has had a growing interest in writing about racism amongst black men. With being black men in America, we have to face different forms of racism every day. With everything going on in the world today with police brutality, Isaac feels like there are plenty of events to write about in regards to the topic of racism. Also, racism has been around for so long, he feels like there are different time periods that he could pull information from when writing to help backup the points he makes.

Writing for the paper is important to Isaac because he has a voice that he feels should be heard. If you look at professional sports, you see athletes using their platforms to speak up for what they believe in. Isaac believes he can do the same, even though it will be on a much smaller scale. The more comfortable he gets with writing now will help him be more confident with his writing in the future.



Isaac Abergut, Staff Reporter

Nov 06, 2020
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Isaac Abergut