2020-2021 Staff

Mikhail R. Smith

Faculty Adviser

Mason Bryant


After taking a semester off, The Chronicle is happy to welcome back Staff Reporter Mason Bryant. Bryant’s work has been published numerous times in The Chronicle, and he is excited to get back to doing what he loves! He is a...

Colton Fox

Staff Reporter

Sports is popular topic for so many people, as such there are many people who cover sporting events in journalism. Even now in the time of the pandemic, there are still plenty of sports events that need covering. Luckily, a student...

Tyler Leach

Staff Reporter

In today’s day and age writing has become something of a lost art. Everything has become digital and it seems as if the delayed gratification of writing a thorough and complete story has fallen by the wayside. However, there...

Jerilyn Garrett

Staff Reporter

Jerilyn Garrett is a junior in her second year at Shawnee State University. She is majoring in English and Humanities with a concentration in Communications. This area became an interest to her while she was working with various...

Sarah Huston

Staff Reporter

Sarah Huston is a fourth-year student majoring in AYA English and Humanities. After being inspired by her past teachers, Sarah wants to make a positive change in the education system by becoming a teacher herself. Once graduated,...

Anissa Peoples

Staff Reporter

Anissa Peoples is a senior studying English communication with a minor in fine arts game design. She intends to one day work for a gaming company, preferably as a community manager. Her reporting interests include campus events,...

Cameron Allen

Staff Reporter

My name is Cameron Allen. I am a senior here at Shawnee State University and my major is English. I will mostly focus on local issues and world events; these are the subjects that interest me the most because of their pertinence....