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Amber Whenham, Staff Reporter

Amber Whenham was born and raised in the small town of Horley, in Surrey England. She is a transfer student from Sussex County Community College Newton NJ and aims to complete her Sports Management degree here at Shawnee State University. Amber is a junior and plays on the Women’s Soccer team, continuing her soccer career which began when she was 5 years old.

Being able to study while playing the game she loves is a dream come true to Amber. She always wanted to come overseas to play soccer in America and reach a new level in her sporting and educational careers.

Amber would like to pursue a career in professional soccer as well as enter the soccer industry through the scouting network, helping players like herself get the moves to the colleges and teams they could only dream of attending. Amber also wants to potentially enter a coaching career, wanting to reach college and a professional level. With soccer being a huge part of Amber’s life, she has the knowledge as both a player, a coach, and a fan, which gives her plenty of different views into the sport itself.

Amber intends to use this time wisely to develop new knowledge regarding this new writing style and being able to dive deep into the issues she wishes to discuss, in hope of learning new things and gaining a better perspective of these issues. Bringing an international spin to her work, she hopes to produce articles that will intrigue many to read and develop an understanding of her concerns, with women in the sports industry being a large topic of hers.

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