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Brodey Entler

Brodey Entler, Staff Reporter

Brodey Entler is a junior at Shawnee State University. She is majoring in English/Humanities with a concentration in Integrated Language Arts AYA. Always being fond of reading and writing, Brodey knew this was the right field for her. After graduating from college in 2023, she plans to get a career in English education. Her goal is to help students express themselves through writing, become more confident as writers, and prepare them for life outside of school. Being from a very small township, Entler has grown so much in college. She is excited to learn more about the world and experience different cultures. She hopes to travel on her summers off from teaching to different countries in order to become as informed as she can and apply that to her classroom.

Outside of school, Entler enjoys playing video games with her friends, reading romance novels, crafting, and spending time with friends and family. After keeping a journal all through primary and secondary school, Entler has discovered her love of creative writing. She enjoys writing short-stories and narratives and has hopes of one day writing a novel. Along side this love for creative writing, Entler also loves to proof-read and edit her friend’s college essays.

Being a first-generation college student has driven Entler to always do her best in academics. She is excited for this opportunity to write for the Chronicle in order to become better rounded in writing and be able to carry that experience with her into teaching. She wants to be more aware of the world around her and she believes writing for the Chronicle will do just that.

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