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Katelyn Pauley

Katelyn Pauley, Staff Reporter

Katelyn Pauley is a junior majoring in English/Humanities Integrated Language Arts with Adolescent to Young Adult (Grades 7-12). She graduated from Lawrence County High School, located in Kentucky, and decided to attend Shawnee because of the great education program and friendly environment. She hopes to return to Lawrence County High School to teach; it is very important to her that she gives back to the community that allowed her to have many of the opportunities she has today. She has also played tennis at Shawnee during her attendance. Katelyn hopes to coach a high school tennis team in the future.

In regard to writing, she loves to write creatively. She enjoys studying different books for literary analyses the most. Katelyn is very excited about the opportunity to write for The Chronicle because she wants to challenge herself and become a better writer. She hopes that writing for The Chronicle will push her out of her comfort zone and help build her confidence in writing.

Writing for the paper is very important to Katelyn because she hopes to meet new people and allow people to have access to the news on campus and the surrounding area. She has always relied on articles in The Chronicle to learn more about campus events and resources, so she hopes to also provide that for other people. In her future career, a high school English teacher, she hopes to incorporate AP style in her classroom. She thinks it would be very fun and different for her students.  Katelyn is eager to see what the future holds for her as a reporter for The Chronicle.

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