Women’s Soccer Conference Win at University of Pikeville


2019-2020 Women’s soccer team. Photo from SSUbears.com

Jack Sharman-Dodd, Staff Reporter

The women’s soccer team travelled to the University of Pikeville for a NAIA Mid-South Conference, where they searched for their first win in the conference this season.

The Lady Bears started the first ten minutes in control. Shortly after, the Pikeville Bears took a lead in the game in the first 12 minutes, putting the hosts 1-0 up against the run of play. However, this was only glimmer of hope as the Shawnee Bears proceeded to score three goals in the first half. Olivia Ball made the first score, followed by Destiny Chester then Ali Blank scoring a minute later, putting Shawnee in full control in the first 20 minutes.

In the second half, the Shawnee Bears were in the driver’s seat by dictating the play and continuing the pressure in the attacking half. However, Shawnee didn’t score for the remaining of the first half but were beginning to look more and more threatening.

It only took a matter of minutes for the Shawnee Bears to add to their lead in the second half, when Lucy Snyder put the Shawnee Bears 4-1 up. The Pikeville Bears collapsed from then on, and the Lady Bears took full advantage by adding more goals. Ali Blank scored her second goal of the afternoon, with Sydnie Jenkins scoring to make the score 6-1 with 25 minutes still left to play.

Shawnee took full charge for the remaining of the game with Destiny Chester rounding off the score and adding her second goal to her account for the afternoon with five minutes left, putting the Shawnee Bears 7-1 up and well on their way to their first conference win of the season.

Speaking to Nikki Van Wees on the victory, she had to comment, “I am super proud on how the team responded after going a goal down after our strong start, we battled well and today was finally the day where we showed the conference our firepower we have in attack as well as defence. It all clicked into one today, which is why we won by so much. I am very happy”. Nikki added to her assists account today, where she assisted 4 out of the 7 goals in the game for the Shawnee Bears.