Political Science Club at Shawnee State University

Ashley Neice, Staff Reporter

When going to college, you may think about your academic life, your upcoming career, and consider joining different clubs and organizations. People contemplate joining these groups for both recreational purposes and to add to their resume to show future business operatives how they were actively working toward a degree while in college.

One organization at SSU is the Political Science Club. The Political Science Club (also known as PoliSci Club) has been an on and off group.

“The Political Science Club strives to teach members and the publican positive values about their relationship with the political environment. It also strives to increase awareness of and participation in politically conscious activities both on and off campus. The students also hope to engage with greater community, both within and outside the university, in order to ensure continued endeavors toward a more politically aware culture.” (Found on “political science club” under the “Groups and Clubs” toggle on the campus app.)

You do not have to be a political science major or minor to be a member of the Political Science Club, everyone is welcome. The group meets every two weeks at Coffee at the Lofts, located across from the Vern Riffe Center one block up on the left. As a bonus, coffee is free for those who are members attending the meeting (who would turn down a free cup of coffee?)

So far this semester, the club has had two meetings and discussed some hopeful events for the near future, such as a debate between college student Republicans and Democrats and the potential for a podcast as well. The PoliSci Club discusses the potential for a podcast as well. The PoliSci Club discusses topics people are interested in knowing about and learn about others’ perspectives (i.e., health care, climate change, the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, and so on.).

Anyone interested in joining or wanting more information about the Political Science Club, contact Professor T. Bunting at [email protected].