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Katelyn Pauley, Staff Reporter

With the fall semester in full swing, Shawnee State University Delight Ministries is back on campus with in-person meetings. These meetings are full of worship songs, icebreaker games, Bible studies, group discussions and much more.

What is Delight?

According to the Delight website,, the nationwide college ministry has the mission to “invite college women into Christ-centered community that fosters vulnerability and transforms stories.” The website also outlines the core values of Delight: invitational, vulnerable community, effective innovation, equipping and disciplining, and spirit led. 

Lydia Workman, member of the SSU Delight leadership team, explained that the club’s main goal is for every girl who attends meetings to leave “knowing how much Jesus loves her and that she has a community of women that love her.” Another member of the SSU Delight leadership team, Bailey Woodworth, said, “As a women’s ministry, we strive to create a safe space for college girls to come and learn about faith, experience it firsthand and grow in fellowship.

What Does a Typical Delight Meeting Consist of?

In the weekly meetings, SSU Delight begins by welcoming new members and playing icebreaker games to get to know each other better. After that, the group sings worship songs and one of the leaders will discuss the weekly Bible study. Jaylin Pearsall, member of SSU Delight membership team, said, “We worship and really praise God for who he is and what he’s done.” The group then opens in prayer before devotion and one of the leaders, who feels called to do so, will do an overview of the Bible study for that week. At the end of the meeting, the group has “delight dates.” Destiny Payne, member of SSU Delight, explained that “delight dates” consist of meeting up with their randomly assigned partner throughout the week “to get to know them better, talk about the book and whatever we want.” 

Why Members Joined Delight

After transferring to SSU, Bailey Woodworth knew that she wanted to become involved on campus. Woodworth attended the Weekend of Welcome (WOW) Carnival hosted by SSU and saw the Delight table and knew she had to join. She had heard about Delight previously and was very excited to become a part of the club. Lydia Workman and Destiny Payne also decided to join Delight after seeing the table at the WOW Carnival. Payne said, “The girls there were super inviting and so sweet. I had to see what this club was all about.”

Changes in Delight 

Due to COVID-19, SSU Delight had to meet virtually last year. This semester, group members were excited to hear that in-person meetings could resume. Workman said, “I am so thankful to not be leading discussion over Zoom. I’ve truly never been more happy to see smiling faces even behind a mask.” During meetings, Delight members wear masks and socially distance themselves.

Delight’s Future Goals

Jaylin Pearsall expressed that her group goal would be “to build our community and love on our girls because life can be hard.” Pearsall also said that members should know that “they can share their burdens with one another (because) it makes our load lighter.” Lydia Workman said, “My main goal for Delight is that someone will come to know how much Jesus loves them. We are living in a time where so many of us are feeling lost and alone, and if just one girl is able to find hope in Jesus because of Delight, that’s all I can ask for.Destiny Payne’s group goal for Delight is that they can “all grow in Christ and provide a community for each other.”

All female students at SSU are eligible to join Delight. Delight meetings are in the Flohr Lecture Hall, unless otherwise noted, every Wednesday at 8 p.m. To learn more about SSU Delight and stay informed about meetings and events, you can follow SSU Delight on their social media pages.

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