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The SSU Cheer Club after cheering for a men’s basketball game. Instagram Post @ssucheerleaders

Katelyn Pauley, Staff Reporter

Shawnee State’s Cheer Club is back after a year of battling COVID-19 restrictions. Last year, the Cheer Club was only able to cheer one game due to COVID-19. This year, however, the team plans on being present for all home men’s and women’s basketball games. The game that the Cheer Club was able to take part in last year was limited to no spectators, so the team is eager to have cheering fans back this year.

According to the SSU app, “Members develop good sportsmanship, support good relations in the community and between teams during sporting events.” The Cheer Club also “works in harmony with team management and athletic teams.” 

Raelen Perry, sophomore, is currently majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Deaf Studies. She has been cheering for 13 years. “Cheerleading has always been something that I have cared about,” said Perry. Her favorite memory from cheer was “welcoming the men’s team back from winning the NAIA National Championship.” 


The Cheer Club’s most recent tryout was in the form of an open practice, on Oct. 5. This open practice was held for interested students that could not attend tryouts. Perry explained that tryouts consist of learning “a few cheers and normally a dance or a band dance.” During tryouts, two or more judges evaluate each person’s performance. Points are awarded based on “a multitude of things such as sharpness, skill, and spirit,” said Perry. Tryouts are held once a year usually in late September or early October. 

Practice and Games

During practice, the team focuses on learning new material, correcting the small details and working on sharpness. This year, the Cheer Club is planning to implement stunting in their routines. “We hope to include stunting this year which would take place at practice,” said Perry. 

The Cheer Club cheers for both men’s and women’s basketball. Perry said, “A typical game is a women’s game followed by a men’s, which means we can be there cheering for up to six hours.”

Why Cheer?

Perry’s main goal for the season is to have fun. She believes that cheer is a way “to express yourself and do something you love.” The cheer team has helped her become more involved on campus. She has been able to build relationships with her teammates that will last a lifetime, and the team has “a lot of fun on and off the court.” Because Perry has cheered so much of her life, she was not ready to give up the sport. Because of this, she has enjoyed her time participating in the SSU Cheer Club.

To learn more about the Cheer Club and stay informed about tryouts, practices and games, you can follow the SSU Cheer Club on their social media pages.

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