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SSU’s chapter of Delight Ministries offers opportunities to grow and connect

Photo courtesy of Taylor Mccutcheons
A recent Delight Ministries meeting

Delight Ministries is an ideal opportunity for SSU’s female students who want a safe space to express their faith and to grow. Delight meets every Monday at 8 p.m. The meeting location is the yoga studio in the athletic center. This community is a place where young women come together to do devotionals and speak about issues that are close to their hearts. 

Many female students on campus might be looking for a safe space to share their faith and to make friends who will support and encourage them. Delight is a good option for students looking for this kind of safe space to grow. The members intend to encourage each other and help each other grow. 

According to Jennifer Moniger, the director of SSU’s chapter of Delight and the co-social media leader for the chapter, some benefits of membership are that “you get to have community with other girls” and “you get to build a firm foundation in your faith.” 

Plenty of students come to campus and wish they had a place to belong. Delight is committed to inviting female students to come and join them in a safe environment to grow in their faith and to meet with a community of other women who want to grow as well. 

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One of the interesting opportunities that Delight offers to incoming members is Delight Dates. These are one-on-one opportunities for young women to get to know other members of this student organization. It is a great way for them to get to know new people and make new friends. It is a nice way to socialize with people that they have not had the chance to get to know yet. 

There seem to be plenty of opportunities for students that arise from joining this community.

“When joining this organization, you get the opportunity to purchase a devotional that we go through each week together,” Moniger said. “You get to have your hand in some community service events. You get to have many talks with other girls.”

The previously mentioned opportunities give students a chance to grow in their faith, to help others and to get to know fellow students who go to the same university. For students who are looking for these opportunities, Delight is a great option. 

Moniger added that members will “get to participate in parties like for Halloween, Friendsgiving, Christmas, Galantines, etc. And you will get to have some spontaneous adventures with other girls, like hot girl walks around the floodwalls, dinners together, just getting coffee, movie night, etc.” 

These events give members of Delight something extra to look forward to throughout the year. Getting through classes can be difficult for anyone, but knowing that there are fun events around the corner to attend with your friends can lift students’ spirits. 

Moniger wanted potential members to know that “Delight is where you can meet your best friends! It will literally change your life!” She added that she would not be the person that she is today without her Delight chapter. 

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Kendall Riley, Staff Writer
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