Illuminate, A Weekly Gathering

Ben Vannatta, Staff Reporter

Illuminate is a weekly event, taking place in Howard Recital Hall on the third floor of the Vern Riffe Building every Tuesday night at 8:00 PM. It consists of great music and a message of the evening. The campus ministry at Shawnee, with the help of those involved in the organization, is responsible for hosting Illuminate every week.

Jamie Riley, the leader of the campus ministry, and McKayla Patrick, a current Shawnee State student, were able to give a little more in-depth answers to what Illuminate is all about.

Patrick would explain what the overarching goal of Illuminate was “First would be to worship the Lord, second would be to be a community for one another, and third would be to reach out to people who need a friend.” Riley added, “We want people to know they are dearly loved by God.”

Patrick would go on to discuss what they were attempting to accomplish for students, “I want to see people connect to God and connect to one another, and just know that they absolutely belong in this community.” The campus ministry is there to support and help college students when life gets crazy. When both members were asked what makes them want to have a role in this organization, the answer was quite simple: “I’ve never felt so loved in my entire life. Love and friendships are the main reason. I’ve never experienced his church like this before in my life.”

Although Illuminate is a one-night gathering every Tuesday, the campus ministry building is open Monday-Thursday until four or five o’clock. Riley, Patrick, and other members want the community to know it is a great place for anyone to come hang out, meet new people, and support each other in their faith and in life.