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Hopkins looks forward to serving as SGA secretary

Ben Wade
An SGA meeting in progress.

SGA election results were released in March, and the new board is preparing for the next academic year. Anastasia Hopkins, the newly appointed SGA secretary, shared their feelings on being elected and what they are most looking forward to as a member of SGA.

Hopkins is currently a freshman general studies major intending to go into middle childhood education. Hopkins originally became involved with SGA because they were interested in the undergraduate affairs senator position. However, they were asked to also run for secretary due to their previous experience in student government. Hopkins then explained that they would benefit SGA because “I am great at cooperation and inspiring others to do their best even when it feels like the worst has come down. I also love to stay determined!”

Anastasia Hopkins, the new SGA secretary. (Photo courtesy of Anastasia Hopkins)

SGA has recently been working to develop new programs and establish a new attitude when approaching issues on campus. Between the establishment of the Bear Cave in the library and the efforts of many past SGA officers involved with Placemaking Committees, SGA has always been an influential organization at SSU.

Hopkins considered this and explained that they wanted to hit the ground running and maintain the momentum supporting various changes for the better on campus.

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“I hope that, with enough drive, we can take the initiative of making this school better than ever before,” they said.

Hopkins expressed a particular interest in developing more Student Life activities and events “that people can be a part of so nobody is alone.” As for what they wanted to see from both SGA and SSU, Hopkins added, “What I want for SGA and Shawnee is for everyone to feel as though their voice as well as themselves are important.”

From the election results, it appears that the newly appointed SGA board is composed mostly of new members. Hopkins showed gratitude for previous officers setting the standard for SGA proceedings, stating, “I hope to see that us new elected members of SGA can amount up to our previous members. They truly are amazing people.”

While some of the newly appointed members have never been involved with SGA before, many of them have been greatly involved on campus through clubs, offices, events and activities.

“I am excited to be able to help support my fellow members in my position as secretary,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins emphasized how excited they are to begin working with SGA to improve SSU’s campus with a focus on student needs and interests. Their attitude reflected an appreciation for the community they have joined by becoming both a member of SGA as well as a student at SSU. While thankful for those who served in student leadership roles before them, Hopkins highlighted how their determined and encouraging attitude will help contribute to an inspired campus environment that seems to be constantly growing and changing each semester.

“When I look at SGA and Shawnee as a whole, I think of the word ‘powerful,’ because that’s what I believe every student and staff member here are,” they said.

The list of election results for the 2024-2025 SGA board. (Graphic courtesy of Carissa Link)

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