Writing Center at Shawnee’s Campus

Jack Sharman-Dodd, Staff Reporter

There is more to Shawnee State’s campus than meets the eye. The Writing Center, located in in the bottom floor of the library, has several intelligent tutors ready to help any student regardless of major or minor. They aid to help students add improvements to assignments, as well as increasing and expanding writing skills to promote confidence in writing.

According to Shawnee’s webpage, The Writing Center prioritizes helping students to learn to prioritize their time and how to tackle major writing concerns they may come across during their time at Shawnee including revising, brainstorming, organizing and understanding an assignment. Not only does the Writing Center attack these concerns, but issues of spelling, punctuation and grammar. The Writing Center is proud to have the intent of helping students to not only to produce better writing, but to also become better writers themselves.

Dr. Monica Orlando, the Director of the Writing Center, announced, “We are piloting online tutoring for the first time this semester, so we’re excited about the possibility of reaching more students that way.” This could be helpful to a vast majority of students who feel they do not have time to visit the Writing Center on campus. In further detail, Dr. Orlando adds, “We’re still experimenting with it a bit and we want to make sure students understand that online tutoring is still ‘real-time’ tutoring, in which the writer and tutor work together on the essay through an online format rather than face-to-face.” This is due to the Writing Center previously having some confusion with students considering it to be a drop off service for their assignments, as this is not the case.

The Writing Center is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.