Study Abroad Programs for the Upcoming Year

Jessica Adams, Staff Reporter

The first step to studying abroad is to figure out which program to participate in. There are two types of programs students can participate in; the first being the length of a full semester and the second being during the summer semester, a total of four weeks.

The winter programs for this year take place in Italy, Maya Mexico, Paris-Munich, and Zanzibar. The winter semester in Italy includes lessons on art, communications, English, Gender and Women’s Studies, history, Italian culture, psychology, and religious studies.

The programs for next summer are in Argentina, Austria, Barcelona, Costa Rica, and Egypt, to name a few. Each of these programs are a month long. The summer semester in Argentina includes classes on computer science, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, and political science.

Ryan Warner, Director of Center for International Programs and Activities, stated, “The countries we have active programs in are Spain, Germany, and China. The trip to Paris Mitch is teaching on site during this session.”

For either program, the cost may vary depending on lodging and airfare costs. The winter trip to Italy costs roughly $2,900. In addition to this, airfare is paid out of pocket. The winter trip to Maya Mexico is about $2575, with costs varying. Financial aid is used to cover the costs of the trip, as well as students’ housing and the meals provided. Transportation is also provided for students. Scholarships the student has can also apply to their balance.

For more information regarding studying abroad, visit the international office located behind the University Center building. Their hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday; or visit for further information.