Conflicting Times at The Bears Den

Nathan Ewing, Staff Reporter

Many students on campus are on Shawnee’s meal plan with the choice of either twelve swipes a week or unlimited swipes for the semester. People enjoy the food, but one main problem is the closing times.

The food at The Den improves each year, and many students currently enjoy it. There are a range of different foods available in The Den including salad, pizza, burgers, pasta and more. Each day, they change the menu in hopes students aren’t bored eating the same food. Speaking to Shawnee student Mark De Graff, he commented, “I enjoy the food at The Den and it’s great because I don’t have to be cooking every day, so it’s quick and easy for me. They have different food each day, so I never get tired of eating the same meals”.

Freshmen at Shawnee who do not commute have to be part of this meal plan, which some people don’t agree with. Because of this, The Den is quite busy throughout the day; going at the wrong time may result in being late for class. Students are allowed to have a take-out box, which is great for taking food home or on the go.

A problem Shawnee’s athletic teams face is the closing times. The Den closes at 6:30 PM each day, making it extremely difficult to find time to eat around classes and practice. Speaking to one of Shawnee’s soccer players, Thomas De Graauw, he stated, “I think the times [for The Den] should be at least until 8:00 PM. Once I finish practice, I have to go straight to the Den in what I am wearing and then straight to my class without being able to shower. Also, at 6:30 PM, I’m not always very hungry and because of the closing times, I have to eat and then I’m normally still hungry later on in the evening.” Maybe for the upcoming semester, this issue could be discussed and the closing time for The Den could be changed until later in the evening.