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Ian Hillman

Ian Hillman, Staff Reporter

Ian Hillman is a 25-year-old sophomore at Shawnee State University. Originally from the state of Washington, he moved to Ohio a few years ago after traveling the world with his family. Ian is majoring in English and humanities with a concentration in communications with the hopes of becoming a lawyer in the future. He is also minoring in linguistics. 

Ian has had an unusual upbringing compared to most 25-year-olds. He has lived in three continents, four countries and five states due to his parents’ occupations. At 9 years old, he moved from Washington to Virginia to Louisiana. Just a couple months after this, he moved to Abu Dhabi and then onto England.

Due to his traveling, education became a difficult routine to establish. After being stuck in his changing life for two years, Ian moved back to the U.S. with his older brother and obtained his GED. Once COVID-19 hit, his parents moved to Ohio and both he and his mother enrolled at SSU. Ian currently lives in Piketon, Ohio.  

Ian believes that moving so many times has had more positive impacts than negative ones on his life. He has been able to create life-long friendships with people who have become family to him. His personality has thrived in culturally rich environments. "There’s something about being with all different cultures, that really lets you be you at a very early age," Ian said. Due to this exposure, he has evolved into an adaptable, conversational and flamboyant person.  

As a result of moving for most of his life, Ian finds it difficult to stay in the same place for very long. Once he completes his undergraduate degree, he plans to attend law school. He has considered attending Ohio State University, but also plays with the idea of moving back to where it all started and applying to the University of Washington. One day, Ian sees himself living in Nashville, Tenn., as a professional litigator focusing on copyright law in the music industry.

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