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Tyler Leach

Tyler Leach, Staff Reporter

Tyler Leach is a 20-year-old from Ironton, Ohio. This is his second year at Shawnee State University, he is going for a major in English/Communications and is hoping to become a writer with that major.
He had taken News Writing and Reporting I last semester because he felt it would help him as a writer. He’s now taking News Writing and Reporting II because he feels the experience he gains as a member of the team with continue to help him greatly in becoming a writer.

He started writing when he was a kid, where he just wrote whatever he felt like: jokes, short stories, all kinds of things, most of those writings were lost in time but his interest in writing stuck around.
Tyler had always been a very imaginative person. He loved to come up with ideas and he loves sharing them with other people. He has come up with many different story ideas from the more mundane to the grand and epic.

Tyler, like many others, has his own personal interests when it comes to writing and works of writing. He hardly, if ever, delves into non-fiction. He feels that fiction allows for more writing opportunities and the ability to truly see into the writer’s imagination. By extension, he also feels that writing fiction allows for the writers to really stretch their creative limbs and have more freedom when it comes to the ideas in their writing.

When it comes to writing for the paper, Tyler likes the more orthodox writing style for journalism. Before the News Writing and Reporting I class, Tyler never had to write anything in AP style before. He had only written academic papers until then, but it was writing for The Chronicle that ended up being the most memorable in terms of writing. He enjoyed the challenge of having to make sure he was writing correctly, that it was an appropriate length, and that it was worded so the readers would find it interesting. Tyler believes that his first semester with The Chronicle was a success and he hopes this one will be the same.

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