Evan Green
Evan Green is an up-and-coming writer from Portsmouth, Ohio dedicated to providing his readers with accurate and unbiased news on a large variety of subjects. Evan has worked for almost a year as a professional journalist, starting out at Scioto County Daily News, where he is still currently employed. Since then, he has also written for the Shawnee State Chronicle and the Portsmouth Daily Times. Evan chose to continue writing for the Chronicle this semester in order to broaden his experience in the journalism field while also making connections with fellow writers in the Scioto County area.

Evan is currently a College Credit Plus student at Shawnee State University, meaning he is taking college classes while still in high school. Evan will graduate from his high school, Portsmouth West High School, in May of 2021, and looks forward to continuing his writing career after graduation by majoring in journalism while in college. In his free time, Evan enjoys creative writing, and he has written many short stories and screenplays that help him strengthen his skills as a writer while also providing a form of relaxation. Evan’s primary areas of interest in the journalism field are pop culture and politics. The ever-changing trends and points of interest within both of these topics is very interesting to Evan, and he hopes to one day be able to focus his journalistic career on one if not both of these fields.

Writing for the Shawnee State Chronicle will help Evan to strengthen his writing portfolio which will be very helpful in acquiring future jobs in the field of journalism. Evan has also participated in many events related to the Scioto County area during his time as a reporter for various local publications, and so hopes to continue to provide this area with news and information for as long as he lives here.

Evan Green, Staff Reporter

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Evan Green