Trump Parade Travels Through Southern Ohio


Evan Green

The Caravan as it pulled up to the Scioto County Fair Grounds.

Evan Green, Staff Reporter

On Nov. 1, Donald Trump supporters held a parade in support of the President, that started in Vinton County, moved through Scioto, and then into Pike County. The event started early in the day at the Vinton Fairgrounds and lasted into the evening.

The 2020 Presidential Election is only days away, and the state of Ohio is one of the most competitive states in this election cycle. Both candidates have led in the Ohio polls at different points in the election, and the current polling average currently has the candidates tied in the state of Ohio, making events like this parade more important than ever for the President.

This event is coming off of the heels of a Trump rally in Circleville last Saturday where the President was in attendance, as well as an appearance two weeks ago in Portsmouth from one of the campaign buses belonging to President Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Traditionally, Southern Ohio maintains a strong Republican majority, but with the election as tight as it is, it is very possible that the margins may be tighter this year. With the increased popularity of both early voting and mail-in voting this election cycle, it is also very possible that a higher number of people in Ohio will be voting in general.

The main takeaway from events like the one held on Sunday is that this election will come down to very narrow margins, regardless of who ends up winning, so it is very important that all eligible voters cast their ballots either before or on election day to ensure that the American people are able to make their voices heard.

One of the trailers being pulled during the Trump parade.