Tyler Leach
In today’s day and age writing has become something of a lost art. Everything has become digital and it seems as if the delayed gratification of writing a thorough and complete story has fallen by the wayside. However, there are still those who find excitement and fulfillment in using their words to create worlds of their own. Tyler is one of these hidden gems.

Coming from the small town of Ironton, Ohio, Tyler loves video games, writing reviews, and reading. He initially came to Shawnee State University to pursue a degree in Video Game Design. However, once he was introduced to a first-year Discourse and Composition class, a new flame was ignited. It was the creative freedom, he said, that opened his eyes to the possibilities writing could provide. This is what made him change his major to an English/Communications major.

As a writer, Tyler enjoys coming up with new ideas and creating his new worlds in which he and his readers can get lost in. Rarely, does he like to write about things reality based.

In his pursuit of becoming a writer, Tyler knew that he would need further experience in the writing field in order to expand his knowledge of writing and everything that comes with it. This is the reason he believes that writing for the Shawnee State Newspaper could prove itself an invaluable teaching experience.

Tyler Leach, Staff Reporter

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Tyler Leach