Haskins House Records

Cameron Allen, Staff Reporter

Haskins House Records is a locally owned record store on 2nd Street in Portsmouth. The owner, Travis Haskin, gave The Chronicle some insight into the history of the store. Haskin has been selling records for around five years but has just recently been selling records out of the building he now owns on 2nd Street. He has been the sole owner of this building for roughly one year. This store sells much more than records, they also sell and purchase used records, vintage clothing, guitars, and amplifiers. Haskin stated running his own business and making his own hours are his favorite parts of owning a business.

There is usually an open mic night near the end of the month, where locals can come together and play music. There is no set schedule for when it will occur, but they do post upcoming dates on their Instagram page when they schedule any open mic nights. If you are interested in open mic night, make sure to follow them on Instagram to have the date.

Anyone can to go to this store for their clothing and music related needs. Travis Haskin is very friendly and willing to provide any help needed. Anyone interested in buying vintage clothing, records, or a guitar, visit Haskins House Records on 2nd street or visit their Instagram page at @haskinshouserecords.