Face Shields that Say Thanks!

Connecting People with People in a Time of Crisis

Mason Bryant, Staff Reporter

Advanced Methods in Innovation (AMI), a non-profit located in the Youngstown Business Incubator, has unveiled its “Face Shields that Say Thanks” initiative on GoFundMe Charity. Donors can create their personalized message that is 3D printed on the visor of an FDA-approved face shield. Donors can choose the recipient organization or AMI will donate the face shields to essential organizations. Through the power of 3D printing, donors can send messages of appreciation, encouragement, and hope on a protective face shield for people on the front line of the fight against the Coronavirus. The face shield is hand-crafted from high-quality, crystal-clear polymer attached to a 3D printed FDA-approved visor design being used by thousands throughout the country. The heavy-duty face shield is easy to sanitize and re-use.

“Our focus is on the human aspect of this current crisis. These are the people that go to work every day to provide critical and essential services,” says Jack Scott, chairman of AMI, “We all owe them a debt of gratitude. We want to provide an opportunity for each of us to say “thanks” to these American heroes.”

Face shields are a critical component of personal protection that can reduce the spread of the coronavirus as well as protect the wearer’s eyes and face when in proximity to an infected individual. Face shields are needed by nursing homes, homecare givers, first responders, medical facilities, essential factory and service workers. However, the supply is not adequate to meet the current needs.

“This is one way to visibly show appreciation to these workers, to ensure that they have the protective equipment they –and their families -need to stay safe as they work to serve the public,” states Julie Michael Smith, executive director, AMI.

Donors have designated organizations such as nursing homes, hospice care providers, VA hospitals and home health care providers as recipients. For each $25 tax-deductible qualified contribution, AMI will provide four (4) of personalized face shields to critical organizations. Donors can be individuals, service clubs or organizations seeking a volunteer activity, or companies that want to provide face shields to their own employees.

Visit their gofundme or contact Julie Michael Smith at [email protected] for more information.

“The general public and non-essential businesses are also expressing a need for face shield protection,” adds Smith. Those interested in purchasing directly can contact Julie Michael Smith at [email protected].

“In this time of crisis, AMI has been working with leaders in the 3D printing community including the Youngstown Business Incubator, America Makes, the Federal laboratory for additive manufacturing, and other federal and state agencies to respond to needs across the nation,” says Scott. “This is an unprecedented time which calls for unprecedented collaboration and call to action.“

Advanced Methods in Innovation is a 501(c)3 non-profit which operates a Maker Space in Youngstown Ohio to support schools and non-profits with educational services and products nationwide, with an emphasis on design thinking and transformational power of 3D printing to create unique and personalized learning experience