Shawnee State Baseball Team’s New Workout Regulations

Javier Santiago, Staff Reporter

PORTSMOUTH, OHIO- The Shawnee State Baseball team has been subjected into new safety regulations during their workouts due to Covid-19. These have been applied because of the level three established in the Scioto County.

The regulations require coaches to check the athlete’s temperature upon arriving to the field. The athletes must also remain socially distanced as well as wear a mask during the workout. Other restrictions involved in the regulations are the number of athletes allowed in the gym area which dropped to only ten members of the team at a time and a new practice format which divided the players so that not every athlete is in the field at the same time. These regulations must be followed very strictly due to the large number of athletes in this team.

Although a little uncomfortable, the athletes do not show any signs of stopping. Kyle Boggs, one of the players, said that the circumstances that they face are not going to be a motive for them to stop preparing for the upcoming season. Boggs also states that the team and its coaches will be able to adjust to these regulations and will be able to continue the work they already had established.

The Shawnee State Baseball team is hoping that the pandemic will not impede them in playing and have a season next year. In the meantime, the coaches and the players are making sure that they meet their new regulations and continue to train and practice in a safe manner.