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Javier Santiago

Javier Santiago, Staff Reporter

Javier Santiago, is new to Shawnee State. He is a junior from Puerto Rico. Javier plays baseball. Everybody on the baseball team calls Javier, Javy-- just like the Chicago Cubs second baseman Javy Biaz. Javier’s major is Communications and intends to become a sports broadcaster with his degree. He is Bi-lingual and speaks 3 different languages.

Javy’s Writing interest is very broad, he can write about many things. Javy believes writing for the paper is important to him because the more he writes, the better he will get because English is not his first language. Javy knows writing is very important for his future plans as a sports broadcaster. All that he writes will get him to the next level, and ultimately, how he prepares his writings will play into how well he speaks on air. Even if he is talking on air, he will still need to write in order to formulate his notes or writings to have him prepared to speak on the games he will be covering.

Javy enjoys talking and writing about sports! As a high level baseball player, he really enjoys conversations about the mechanical flaws, and what can make him the best he can be. Javy intends to have a lot of success in this class this year.

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