2020 Walmart Renovations

Kayla Wagoner, Staff Reporter

September 30, 2020- During the COVID Pandemic, Walmart had to adapt to new policies to keep their customers and employees safe while shopping and working. Frequent shoppers have likely noticed the many updates have been done to Walmart locations.

As technology has advanced, there have been several innovations to come to Walmart. Just a few years ago, Walmart had cashiers working and the check out lines were all ran by people. With the new renovations, also following guidelines that follow COVID policies, checkout stations are now contactless. Self-checkout stations ensure a non-contact transaction, through an automated system.

Many businesses have began to implement new services that are convenient for people to use and allows them to shop comfortably. For the people that shop online and work with the online Walmart app will see a resemblance with the app and the signs and décor that the Walmart chooses to display on the walls. The new look is designed to look like the Walmart app you have on your tablet or phone. Walmart now offers Online Grocery Pickup, and Site-to-Store services.

By the end of year 2021 over 1,000 stores will be going under renovations. Stay tuned to see if your local Walmart is one of them!