Fall Semester to End Remotely and Housing Move-Out Dates Changed

Sarah Huston, Staff Reporter

The 2020 Fall semester has been one of the most unique semesters in Shawnee State University history. Despite the many challenges SSU has faced, students and staff have been working hard to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus. However, with the holiday season upon us and the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in our state, decisions had to be made to protect the health of everyone. On Oct. 30, all students at SSU received an email from the Office of the President stating that the Fall 2020 Semester will conclude remotely and those living on campus will need to be officially moved out during the week of Nov. 20-24.

In-person courses, clinicals, and labs will be required to either finish by Nov. 24 or be moved to an online format and continue online after Thanksgiving break, Nov. 28- Dec. 11. However, special arrangements will be made for courses that are impossible to complete solely online and may be finished in-person. According to Residence Coordinator Jasmine Currie, “The residence halls will remain open for any student who is unable to return home due to classes, work, or any other extenuating circumstances.” All housing students should have received an email which included a closing letter, details about check-outs, and the Request to Stay Past Closing form.

The Move-Out procedures and request forms to stay on campus over Thanksgiving break will be sent from Housing & Residence Life to Shawnee emails. For students unable to return home for Thanksgiving break, the Bears Necessities Pantry will prepare Grab & Go bags filled with food and supplies. Students who cannot return home and would like to stay during Winter Break can also fill out the Request to Stay form. Approvals will be made depending on specific case circumstances.

Faculty are making plans to either wrap courses up by Thanksgiving or move online after the holiday break. All students are encouraged to talk with their instructors about the plans that will be made for their courses. This change in plans will help continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus and protect the health of everyone. In the email from the Office of the President, SSU President Jeff Bauer said, “This, of course, isn’t how we planned to wrap-up our semester. This pandemic has taught us that we need to be flexible in our plans to be able to respond to changes and developments. Keeping you and all members of our campus community safe and healthy while you progress toward earning your degree is our goal.”