How Many SSU Students Plan on Voting?

November 3rd is voting day across all states in America, either Joe Biden will be elected as the new President,  or Donald Trump will be re-elected President of the United States. A survey was recently completed on the amount of students who planned on voting this upcoming election. 50 students were involved in this survey, the results highlighted that a number of students planned on voting this election, 30 students in fact.

The reason for such a high number has to do with both social media influence and also voting being a traditional event for some. Social media has become such a major role in the lives of the youth, especially those in high school and College. A number of musicians, actors and athletes spoke on the importance of voting this year, perhaps more than ever. These sorts of actions influence those who admire them to do so as well; hence, the reason why many college students plan on voting this year.

Based on the survey, it was clear that for some, voting is a family tradition so they were already prepared to participate on Election Day. In contrast, 15 people were undecided for a variety of reasons, primarily difficulties deciding between canidates, or being unfamiliar or uninterested in their policies. Unfortunately, 5 people said they were not going to vote seeing that they believe neither candidate is capable of running the country, instead some of them will vote in 2024 if better candidates present themselves.

The results are presented below:

60%- Voting

30%- Undecided

10%- Not Voting