Election Day in Scioto County


Photo: Office of the Ohio Secretary of State

Jaden Morris, Staff Reporter

Nov 3, 2020, Election Day, is a very important date for both Scioto County and the United States, especially amid the seemingly countless uncertainties of 2020. Election Day is essential to the vitality and overall health of nation. Many nations globally are ruled by various types of governments/leaders (authoritative, totalitarian, etc.) that prevent constituents from voicing an opinion in the political process. The United States has a complex yet very gracious democratic system for those that partake in it.  

Election Day is more than just a liberal or conservative holiday, it is a privilege that serves as a foundation for the seams of a government that serves and protects the people. It embodies our many liberties that we are afforded in each of our communities. Our elections (of many different variations) reflect the effort of many that have gone before us and still strive to protect our democratic freedoms collectively. Without elections, individual expression and authority are diminished and gone.  

Scioto County is no different from any other location in the United States when it comes to elections and voicing opinions. Traditionally conservative and red, the county had a vibrant and very much alive election this season. The results are worth observing in order to develop a better and more thorough understanding of the nature and power of the local vote. Every vote counts.  

Below are a few of the highlighted results of the many races presented to voters in Scioto County: 

– Presidential Candidates: In Scioto County, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence earned 21,926 as the Republican nominees, while Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris earned 8,876 votes as the Democratic nominees. Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen, representing the Libertarian Party, gained 257 votes and the Green nominees, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, earned 87 votes.  

– Congressional Candidates (United States Congress): Scioto County is geographically coordinated within two different districts in Ohio. In the race to elect a representative for the 2nd Congressional District in Ohio, Representative Brad Wenstrup, the Republican nominee and incumbentwas re-elected with 9,483 votes. His Democratic opponent, Jaime Castle, earned 4,908 votes. Bill Johnson, Republican incumbent, for the 6th Congressional District, received 12,124 votes from Scioto County and Democratic opponent Shawna Roberts received 3,620 votes. 

– State Senate Candidates: For the 14th District, Republican candidate Terry Johnson received 22,392 votes while Democratic opponent Ryan Ottney received 8,152. 

– State Representative Candidates: Brian Baldridge, the Republican candidate, won the seat with 24,352 votes given.  

– County Commissioner Candidates: There were two county commissioners up for re-election this cycle, Cathy Coleman and Mike Crabtree. Cathy Coleman, the Republican candidate, received 20,298 votes to defeat John McHenry, the Democratic candidate, who received 9,891 votes. Mike Crabtree, the Republican incumbent, received 20,207 votes, defeating his Democratic opponent, Matt Seifert, who received 9,968 votes. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over seventy-five thousand people living in Scioto County, Ohio. While there are many individuals that obviously do vote and actively participate in the democratic process, there are many that still do not exercise their constitutional rights. Even though the results were largely skewed toward one political side, the message was clear: To make a difference, get out and vote (or mail it in)!  

As a community, if we desire to continue seeing fair and transparent elections, while also allowing our voices to be heard and amplified in both local and national contests, it is important that we utilize our right to vote and begin to understand the true value of democracy together.