Collegiate Esports Giant Tespa Announces Brand Retirement and Closes Programs

The end of an era


Josh Lowry, Formerly of Shawnee GG

Since coming to SSU, Tespa sponsored prizing for many Shawnee State gaming events

Anissa Peoples, Assistant Editor

On Dec. 9, Tespa announced it was retiring its brand and shutting down several programs and rebranding others. A pioneer of the collegiate esports industry since 2013, Tespa has helped hundreds of grassroots gaming clubs and communities flourish through their local chapter and “Compete” programs, as well as other leadership events. Originally known as Texas E-Sports Association, the organization grew into an international network, uniting student organizations from both the United States and Canada.

The chapter program provided structural and prizing support to clubs on college campuses when they hosted large in-person events. Shawnee State’s own gaming club, Shawnee GG, has hosted several of these events over the past two years. This program is being canceled indefinitely due to strain on the ability to host in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’re thankful for all of the amazing events and experiences we were able to create together, and hope to come back to these programs when the time is right,” the organization said in their announcement.

The other half of Tespa’s influence, competitive events and tournaments, will remain open under different branding. According to the official statement, their communications and other updates from the remaining competitive programs will be found under existing official esports accounts, such as Overwatch Path to Pro and Hearthstone Esports.

For many grassroots student organizations, this announcement is monumental. Tespa has fostered growth for chapters across North America since its inception. They sponsored events at Shawnee State, including tournaments and giveaways. One of those events was the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that took place this past Spring semester. Shawnee State has also made several appearances in Tespa competition, including the Hearthstone Collegiate Championships, in which SSU placed in the top five.

For more information, the official announcement can be found here.