Spring Cleaning: Time to Refresh

Jerilyn Garrett, Staff Reporter

The end of winter means the arrival of spring cleaning! Many take advantage of the springtime to deep clean and organize their house or apartment, a tradition that has lasted centuries due to the oncoming of warmer weather. Spring cleaning can be an intimidating, overwhelming experience and often it is difficult to know where to start and what all to include. However, preparing a to-do list before starting can be helpful with making your spring cleaning worth it. 

Overall Tips for Spring Cleaning and Preparation

    1. Clean room by room. Cleaning one room at a time is one of the best ways to approach the daunting task of spring cleaning. Try to create a checklist for each room and complete the whole checklist before moving on to the next room. This will allow you to recognize which rooms need the most work and will help you move through your house or apartment more effectively.
    2. Work top to bottom. By starting from the ceiling and working your way down, debris and dust will be moved down. Doing this, you will be able to keep yourself from having to re-clean the space.
    3. Make a schedule. Try making a plan for when you plan to clean what rooms. Having your schedule and goals written down will motivate you to stay on track. Schedules can range from large tasks on the weekend or detailed small tasks throughout the week; make it to what works best for you.
    4. Get everyone involved. If you live with others splitting up the tasks can be an effective choice and can help you get your spring cleaning done faster.
    5. Create new cleaning habits. While spring cleaning normally includes cleaning your whole house, this is a great time to establish new habits for regular cleaning. If you separate your tasks throughout the week, you may be able to get yourself into the habit of cleaning something small each day, making your regular cleaning easier. These new habits could even make next year’s spring cleaning easier!
    6. Make sure to read all labels on cleaning products. Some cleaning products can cause skin irritations or allergic reactions if not handled properly. Before using a product, read all labels and adjust accordingly, wearing rubber gloves or a mask. 

Home/House in General

A lot of spring cleaning consists of tasks that need to be done in all rooms or throughout your whole house or apartment. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your cleaning for each room:

    1. Floors. Floors should be either vacuumed, mopped or both depending on the floor type. You can also clean your baseboards by first dusting them and then using a damp washcloth with a couple drops of dishwashing liquid. 
    2. Windows. Windows should be washed on both the inside and the outside. Window treatments like drapes or curtains can be washed in laundry machines. Window blinds and sills should be dusted. 
    3. Lights. Dust overhead lights and light fixtures, including the lamp shades. Be sure to replace any old burnt light bulbs.
    4. Electronics. Spring cleaning is a great time to check your electronics and ensure everything is plugged in safely. Organize and untangle all cords. Also, you can clean your computer keyboards and mouses by using compressed air and a microfiber cloth or disinfectant wipes. Go ahead and disinfect your phones too!
    5. Outside. Sweep your porches and decks. You can wipe down and prepare any outdoor patio furniture. Spray off outside doormats with a house and let them air dry. 
    6. Other. Vents should be vacuumed and washed. Batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be changed if you did not change them during daylight savings. Check your fire extinguishers and make sure they have not expired. Also disinfect and sanitize door handles and light switches, especially in the age of COVID-19! 


Cleaning your kitchen can take a lot of effort as there are several aspects to consider. One way to start with the kitchen is to first clean all surfaces and countertops. If there are items out, organize them or put them away in cabinets. Clean out, dust, and organize your pantry and food cabinets and then move on to deep cleaning the refrigerator. Be sure to check expiration dates on food and dispose of anything that has gone bad. Soak and rinse any removable shelves or drawers from the fridge as well as cleaning the inside and outside of the fridge. You should also take the time to either use the self-cleaning option on your oven or clean it yourself. Along with that, don’t forget to clean the microwave and any other appliances. 

Living Room

Begin cleaning your living room by vacuuming or dusting all furniture or upholstery, starting with a fresh slate. Wash all the throw pillows or blankets and organize any storage. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to clean and update decorative items, including seasonal decorations, framed photos, and mirrors. Also, dust and clean any bookshelves or cabinets. If you have been considering rearranging your living room, now is also a great chance to do so and will also allow you to clean underneath your furniture easier.


When it comes to the bedroom, start by stripping the bed and washing all bedding, including sheets, the comforter, pillows, etc. It is probably time to flip your mattress as well which can also be vacuumed. Organize and clean out toys from children’s bedrooms. Remember to also go through your closet and donate any clothes that are no longer worn. Organize your clothes as well and store any winter clothes that will not be worn during the upcoming seasons. 


The bathroom can be one of the more daunting tasks for spring cleaning. Begin with cleaning and disinfecting the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. Be careful with cleaning chemicals and don’t forget to read the labels of products. You can then wash any bath mats or rugs. Wash or replace the shower liners and curtains as well. If you use makeup, it is time to clean out and dispose of expired products. Makeup brushes also need to be cleaned regularly with water and soap. Finish by dusting and organizing any cabinets. 

While spring cleaning can take a lot of work, it is a tradition that proves to stand the test of time and be worth it. When you are finished with all of your spring cleaning make sure to light some candles and relax; you have earned it!