Housing and Residence Life

Benefits to Living on Campus 

A new sense of freedom, becoming connected to campus, and making lifelong friends are just a few benefits often expressed by college students when asked why they love living on campus. Shawnee State Housing and Residence Life is jam-packed with new and exciting experiences and housing styles for new and returning students alike. Whether it is finding your living community, becoming more involved on campus, meeting your best friends, or becoming a Resident Assistant (RA). Students are certain to find their new home at Shawnee State. 

Housing Style and Communities 

The housing community offers students different styles of living communities and housing options. Those including Campus View (CV), buildings 1-13 and those are offered to students in a double and single. A single CV is a housing unit that consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen while four residents live there. The other option for CV is a double, which is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, and kitchen also occupied by four residents. Other housing options are Town House (TH), Cedar, Bridgeview, and Tanner Place. TH is a three story housing unit that contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms,  living room, kitchen, and a laundry unit, TH is occupied by eight residents. While there is certainly a living option for everyone, students are often broken up and put into housing based on their preference, which is filled out during their housing application, but they are also placed in housing based on things like their major, interests, year, etc. Student communities are a huge part of living on campus. The communities are separated into groups such as student athletes, health science majors, honors students, gaming, first year experience, and returners. Differentiated housing communities allow students to become connected to others who have common interests.

Housing Student Opinions

An interview was conducted with housing students, Christa Harris and she shared her thoughts on the following questions.  How many years have you lived on campus?  Harris shared, “I have lived on campus for 4 years now. I have lived in a CV single every year.” “I like living on campus because it is right in the middle of all the action.” Harris stated when asked what she liked about living on campus, “it makes it easy to get involved in campus activities and programs. Living on campus allows you to assimilate into a community of students with common interests and goals.” Harris was asked what she thought the benefits were with living on campus and she stated, “I think a major benefit is having easy access to all of the campus resources provided. You are never far away from help in places like the Math Lab, Writing Lab, and the Library with printing available at any time.” Harris also touches on a more personal benefit to living on campus saying that, “another benefit to living on campus is that it is an easy way to build friendships. I met one of my roommates during Freshman year and my other roommate during Sophomore year. We have now been living together on campus for three year. Living together on campus has made us closer friends than we would have ever been otherwise. Living on campus gave me two lifelong friends and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.” 

Get Connected

Housing and Residence life is always providing the students of SSU with opportunities to get involved! Each month every RA throws a building program, these events are open to all housing students. Building programs can range from a corn hole tournament and popsicles to water balloon fights, planting flowers to learning how to use a fire extinguisher! “Building programs are designed to keep students connected with their housing community,” said first year RA Jacob Gill. Outside of building programs students can come to RA info sessions to gain information about being an RA for the following school years. Get connected, find your home, and keep your eyes open for upcoming Housing events.