Simple Yet, Challenging Horror Game “Devour”

Charles Evans, Staff Reporter

“Devour” is a video game that can be played solo or as a four-player cooperative where your goal is to survive the demon which is hunting you down in either a satanic farmhouse or an abandoned insane asylum. The survival objective depends on the map you play by either sacrificing goats to banish the demon or sacrificing rodents to banish the demon. The total needed to sacrifice is 10 in total. As you proceed and sacrifice more of the animals, the demon hunting you becomes more aggressive, gaining more speed as the anger rages it.

“Devour” was released on January 28 by a small team of two, similar to other small team made games such as “Among Us,” which exploded in popularity last year. “Devour” has had the same explosion in popularity, receiving many positive reviews on Steam, a video game distribution service. Many of the reviews of “Devour” talk about how fun it is with proximity chat with friends as you can hear their screams run by as the demon is chasing them. Also, many comment about how it’s affordable and genuinely scary with the jump scares.

“Devour” would be a perfect game to pick up for this Halloween season as it will only cost you five dollars on Steam. At the same time, you will be supporting a small group of creators, allowing them to update the game and add more content for everyone to enjoy, or even allowing them to work on other horror games in the future. Both creators love making spooky horror games for others to enjoy, such as “The Watchers,” another successful game they made.