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Charles Evans

Charles Evans, Staff Reporter

Charles Evans is a Political Science major in his Junior year at Shawnee State University. Writing is very important to Charles as it allows him to gain a wider range of options in his career path for whichever direction he will decide to go. Having the ability to write opens many gates for you in life as writing is one of the things many jobs look for in their employees. For Charles, learning these skills is important to him as he is still debating on a few options that he may want to choose as his career.

Charles's favorite things to do are to spend time with those closest to him and enjoying moments with his friends, whether that be something simple such as gaming or more adventurous like going to LA together. Charles also enjoys learning about new cultures, trying out their cuisine and meeting the people, and talking to them to explore their world and way of life. Charles daydreams of learning another language, with the first one on the list being Japanese, then onto French once he learns the first one. One of the things on Charles's list is to visit every country at least once and to collect a flag from each place he has been to. His current collection was that of only one flag of the Bahamas when he went on a trip there in high school.

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