Brand New Bookstore Changes

Ben Vannatta, Staff Reporter

Shawnee State has always had a well-run bookstore, helping students with anything they needed. However, as technology has progressively changed, adjusting to it is essential for continual success. This fall semester, the bookstore made the shift from a traditional bookstore to an online bookstore. The manager of the bookstore, Melissa Rucker, agreed to an interview to talk on the change affecting the staff, students, and herself.

Several students struggled to get required textbooks for their classes this semester, but thankfully this issue will be only a distant memory. When speaking on how this semester of experience will help in efficiency for the future, Rucker assured, “Implementing a new system always takes time to perfect, and we are confident that by next semester the process of ordering and delivering books in a timely manner will be much smoother.”

However, switching from a traditional bookstore to an online bookstore can have its disadvantages. When comparing the two means, Rucker stated, “A virtual bookstore provides more convenient means of obtaining course materials. Students can log in to order their materials at any time and from any place. This convenience helps ensure more students are prepared with the materials they need for a successful semester. A challenge of having a virtual bookstore is that students and faculty cannot walk into the store to receive guidance and assistance when choosing materials. That being said, as the store manager, I am always accessible to the Shawnee State community to answer questions and guide them along in the process of finding the materials they need.”

Rucker and the staff at the bookstore seem very pleased with the decision to switch. Rucker also has a positive outlook about the change ultimately benefitting students in the years to come, “We expect the transition to a virtual bookstore to be incredibly beneficial to students in years to come. It will remove the additional step of visiting a physical location to purchase course materials and allow students to purchase all they need for class through an easy, affordable online experience.”

This positive news will delight many frustrated students who are struggling to get their materials in on time for their classes this semester. This small change is yet another way Shawnee State, as well as many other schools across the country, have started to rely more on technology.