Little Slice of Mexico in Portsmouth

Erin Rice, Staff Reporter

Walking into Cantina Ixtaccíhuatl is like walking around Mexico City. From the beautifully painted walls made to look like Mexican buildings to a Herbie the Love Bug replica sitting in the restaurant, it feels like being transported to another world. Cantina Ixtaccíhuatl is one of the local treasures only found by going out and exploring the city. Because they recently opened in March of 2019, they are not as well-known as word has not had a chance to spread.

Cantina Ixtaccíhuatl is open from noon until 9:00 PM every day and open Fridays at 11:00 AM and is located at 2134 Gallia Street in Portsmouth. It is a Mexican restaurant serving authentic Mexican street food. They also have dartboards and pool tables to play while enjoying your meal. In addition to this, they also have a small grocery area in the restaurant to shop at while waiting on your food. When asked how their food compared to competitors, the waitress said, “We are definitely more authentic. We make everything here. We don’t go out and buy anything or microwave anything. It is all made here.” Cantina means “bar” in Spanish, while Ixtaccíhuatl is a volcano in Mexico and translates to “white woman.” The owner, Dr. John Ditraglia, thought it would be a funny and unique name for the restaurant. For more information, visit their Facebook page at or call (740) 529-2144.