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Erin Rice

Erin Rice, Editor

Erin Rice is a graduate student at Shawnee State University, where she will graduate with her M.A. in composition and rhetoric in Fall 2023. Once she graduates, Erin plans to pursue a career as an author and poet and a scholarly career in academia as a professor.

Aside from working with the Chronicle, Erin has been published by several poetry magazines. Her poem, "Wings," was published in 50 Haikus, while her poems, "Love" and "Taylor Swift's The Archer Erasure," were published in Selcouth Station. Her short story, "The Mythological Killer," has been published on Amazon. She has also written for news sites such as MuggleNet and CBR.

Erin, outside of writing, has several hobbies. These include reading, playing video games, listening to true crime podcasts, playing with her dogs, and spending time with friends and family. She is from South Shore, Kentucky.

Erin is excited to work with the Chronicle here at Shawnee State University. While she usually writes fictional works, Erin says it is vital to stay informed on what is happening in the local community. She is hoping that through the Chronicle, she will be able to help her fellow students remain informed and expand her writing skills.

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