Campus Jobs for Students

Hannah Sexton, Staff Reporter

Student employment is a great concept for many attending Shawnee State University. Students take on an opportunity to work on campus to broaden their resumes, gain work experience, and make connections on campus. For a few, the role of working may outshine other priorities of students. Sophomore Eli Cole has worked in the Office of Admission for two years. Cole typically works the front desk, but also finds himself working Open Houses, Showcase Days, and weekly college tours. He is proud of his work, but often feels it consumes his life. Cole states, “I do not regret taking the position in Admissions, but it does have some limitations. I know it is just because I am so dedicated to my work, but it would be nice to have the opportunity to intern with Disney over the summer. I want to stay though, because I know the office needs me; especially with us trying to get enrollment numbers to increase.”

Likewise, sophomore Danielle Jenkins agreed with Cole. Jenkins works in the mailroom as a work-study. While she only averages ten hours a week, Jenkins was approached with working throughout holiday breaks. “I love my job. I meet different people and connect with a lot of staff on campus. It can be exhausting though and there is literally no one else to work through the summers. The position falls on me and I have to be there. I would not trade it, but it is definitely a lot to handle.” Jenkins replied when asked for her response on her work-study.

On the other hand, sophomore Madison Williams feels no pressure with her student employment. Like Cole, Williams works in admissions but does not sweat her work. Williams casually replied, “Work? I love to work. Honestly, it is all about time management and your priorities. If my work needs me, I will align my schedule to ensure I can be there. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at Shawnee; the networking and work experience is amazing.”

It is clear different students react in different ways to student employment. Everyone has their own limitations, but some students can handle more than others. For job options and other information about working on campus, contact Career Services at [email protected].