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Kate Pitts

Kate Pitts, Staff Writer

Kate Pitts is a 19-year-old English/humanities communication major in her sophomore year at Shawnee State University. Her goal is to be involved in journalism when she graduates. Her interests have always included reading and writing, and she likes finding out every little thing she can about something. The combination of these passions has led her to pursue a path to journalism so that she can do what she loves all of the time. 

She has many hobbies, including reading stories and watching television. Her tastes in books and television shows are eclectic, showing that she has a broad variety of interests. In high school, she was involved in both the art club and the Spanish club. In college, she is focusing on her school work and working hard to pursue her future in journalism. Originally, she thought that she wanted to be an education major, but it did not take long for her to realize that this path was not for her. 

She also loves watching YouTube commentary YouTubers. This demonstrates her interest in learning as much as possible about any subject that she is pursuing. This skill is important in a reporter because it will lend to her credibility when she gathers as much data as she can about a story as she writes it. 

Another thing that she loves to do in her free time is going with her friend to antique shops to find unique vintage items like old records. Pitts loves thrifting because she loves to find unique things that cannot be found in other stores. Her creativity and ability to spot interesting things missed by others are part of what makes her such a valuable member of the Chronicle staff.


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