2019-2020 Men’s Basketball Season Preview

Ben Vannatta, Staff Reporter

The signs from Shawnee’s men’s basketball team and coaches are hopeful and eager for the upcoming season. The bears are coming back from a season finishing a step short of .500 at 14-16 but are looking to improve this year. In order to get a better insight of what to expect from our team this upcoming season, Head Coach Delano Thomas agreed to an interview about the upcoming season. “There will be a lot to look forward to this season”, Coach Thomas said he was “most ready to see his guys grow and come together as a team”. He also discussed the addition of new coaches and players adding in his excitement to see it “formulate together”.

Last season, the bears struggled taking care of the ball, with the turnover bug biting them several times in late game situations. There were plenty of areas to improve but Coach Thomas spoke largely on taking better care of the ball. He pinpointed this as the reason why they lost a few games. The team has brought in two new point guards to possibly patch this issue in the upcoming season. Leadership will be evident this season as Coach Thomas says he has five returning seniors this year. He is also eager to see the juniors step into that role this season.

Although they are excited for this season, they seem very focused to not place daunting expectations on themselves before they play the first game. Coach Thomas made it clear when bringing up expectations that he “just wanted to get better every day”.

The team will look to “right their wrongs” from last season and focus on getting their bodies and minds right heading into the season. According to ssubears.com, the bears will open their season with a three-game home-stand starting on October 30thagainst Alice Lloyd College.

Find the roster for the upcoming season at http://www.ssubears.com/roster/0/12.php