Internationals on the Soccer team

Nathan Ewing, Staff Reporter

An issue discussed often is whether college soccer coaches should sign on international players for their soccer team, and whether having them play is worth the cost to the university. Due to the cost, many schools make the decision to keep more in-state players rather than to recruit international players in an attempt to save money.

Soccer is quite popular in many areas of the world, especially in Europe. Due to this, players in Europe excel in soccer and have a massive impact on college teams in the United States. Many international players have also played at a high standard, giving them much experience. Coach Goodson, Shawnee’s Men’s soccer coach, spoke on the subject, “This year, we have brought in some very good international [players] that bring a lot to the team and can help us win games. The mix between international [players] and American [players] is great and the team keeps improving every game. I think we have a great chance of reaching the national tournament”.

One problem with recruiting international players is the required finances to bring them on the team. Much of the time, international student soccer players don’t have the financial means to pay for full tuition of colleges in the United States. This then cuts the funds for the sports team, as it typically goes toward needs of the players. As a result, many college teams are slow to recruit many international players. Another issue is international students are often unable to receive student loans, leaving them to either save up the money themselves to afford to attend a university in the United States or have their family back home help with the cost. It is a great opportunity to give international student soccer players an opportunity to come to the United States to play a beloved game whilst receiving an education simultaneously, when approved by Universities.