Sleeping Mask Releases “Anastasia”

Abigail Veazey , Staff Reporter

A new grunge band, Sleeping Mask, recently released their first demo, Anastasia, July of this year. The band consists of two members, Andrew Nelson and Carter Tarr. According to the members as of September 23rd, they are “currently searching for a third member to play bass” for the band. According to Carter, the band plans to release their next demo within the upcoming year. With hundreds of streams and 14 followers on SoundCloud, Sleeping Mask has a small but dedicated base of followers. To check them out on Soundcloud, search for their band name Sleeping Mask in the people category of the search bar.

Since their first demo release, both members have been working on solo projects, including their new demo. Both band members actively attend classes at Shawnee State University. One member, Andrew, lives on campus but is originally from Ashland, Kentucky. Carter lives just south of the Ohio River, being a resident of South Shore, Kentucky. Because of the members of the band living in these areas, the band is stationed in both Southern Ohio as well as Northern Kentucky.

Sleeping Mask is influenced by many artists, particularly from 90s rock. Some of their influencers include Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, and Screaming Trees. “Their music has always meant something to us, and we wanted to make people feel the same way about our music the same way we felt about Alice in Chains.” Andrew Nelson commented on their influencers impacting their own music. To help support this local band, visit their SoundCloud, Sleeping Mask.