KFC Dating Simulator is One of the Weirdest Games of 2019

Abigail Veazey

Abigail Veazey, Staff Reporter

KFC has released a free dating simulator game on Steam, titled “I Love You Colonel Sanders: A Finger Licking Good Dating Simulator.” The premise of the game is your character attending a culinary school, with the main love interest being non-other than Colonel Sanders himself. From here is even crazier; your character’s teacher at the culinary school is a dog named Sprinkles. There are various endings to achieve while playing, so you are able to play over and over without it becoming repetitive and boring. This game takes between a half hour to an hour and a half to complete depending on which ending is achieved. Your character can even die in the game if you are not careful.

The game has been compared to other Japanese dating sims, like Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love, Storm Lover Kai!!, and Love Esquire. People are left to wonder if this game was made as a parody or if it was an attempt at a decent game. KFC had paired up with the company Psyop to create this comedic masterpiece. The art style of this game seems awfully similar to another American dating simulator, Dream Daddy. Weirdly enough, KFC had sponsored Game Grumps, who had developed and published Dream Daddy. Game Grumps is a gaming channel with over five-million subscribers, consisting of Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson.

Looking at the two side by side, there is no denying the similarities in art style. The format of the captions, the design of the male body, almost everything in this game is undeniably similar. Game Grumps may have formed a partnership with KFC, other than their sponsorship deal. Although this is only a theory, there are many aspects of this game that would point to this accusation being true.