Tips, tricks and resources at SSU

Chalee Hettinger, Staff Reporter

As midterms quickly approach at Shawnee State University, students can be seen around campus preparing for exams, projects or papers they may have to complete. Here at SSU, several resources are available to students who may need extra help to understand the materials they are learning. Students can connect with the Math Center or Writing Center for tutoring, or they can reach out to a librarian from the Clark Memorial Library to help with research.  

The Dayton duMeleau Math Center offers virtual tutoring, which students can access at the following link: Tutoring is available every day of the week. The Math Center’s daily schedule is also available at the link above.

Linda Hunt, the director of developmental math and the Dayton duMeleau Math Center, offered study tips for students who need guidance for their midterm exams. Hunt strongly advises students to get a good night’s rest, along with eating a healthy meal or snack before their exams. Students should also use a calculator that they are familiar with on a math exam, answer the easiest questions first, and review their answers at the end of the exam if there’s time left over, she said. Doing these simple tasks will help eliminate confusion during the exam. To stay on top of the material, students should also practice time management and organization.

I recommend a three-ring binder for each course,” Hunt said. “For math, it’s important to journal homework so that later on there are questions to review.”

She also recommends writing formulas or definitions on post-it notes and placing them in an area you look at often, such as a mirror, refrigerator or computer screen, and turning off all electronics while studying or doing homework to create a distraction-free environment. 

The Writing Center offers virtual and in-person tutoring sessions from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Clark Memorial Library, room 120. Online sessions are also available from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Walk-ins are accepted, but appointments can be made through the Writing Center email address: [email protected]. For more information about the Writing Center, please visit their page on SSU’s website:

Another resource SSU students have access to is the Clark Memorial Library here on campus. Students are welcome to come and quietly study independently, or they have the option of using a study room to collaborate with other students on the first and second floors. 

Research and Instruction Librarian Marla Beebe suggests students utilize the library’s online resources, such as Discovery and other specific article databases to find sources for their paper or project. These resources can be found at  

“I would say one thing is not to wait until the last minute to start researching for a paper or project,” Beebe said. “Sometimes finding the sources needed to construct a paper happens quickly; sometimes it takes more time.”

If a student needs help finding a specific article or information in general, students can meet with a librarian online or in-person for help. Students can schedule their appointment on the library’s homepage or at