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Bowling team strikes it big at Shawnee State

Photo courtesy of Shawnee State University
The Shawnee State University bowling team

Strike! It’s a sound that resonates with victory and precision, a sound SSU bowlers Isaac Halter and Sam Clay have come to know intimately. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and distant locations, these two passionate bowlers have converged on common ground at Shawnee State University, where the lanes are their canvas, and the sport is their shared masterpiece.

Clay’s story begins in the town of Huntington, West Virginia, nestled just an hour away from Shawnee State. His introduction to the world of bowling wasn’t conventional. It was a close friend who unveiled the magic of the sport during his high school days. What drew Clay to bowling wasn’t just the allure of rolling strikes.

“It was the realization that this sport didn’t demand specific physical gifts,” he said.

On the flip side of this bowling coin is Halter, a young talent hailing from Upper Sandusky, Ohio, which is about halfway between Columbus and Sandusky. His bowling is more than just a pastime, although it didn’t start like that. It’s become a profound connection that he shares with his father. The journey commenced in his senior year of high school, as he joined his father’s league.

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“I like bowling because it’s competitive, and what other people do doesn’t affect me at the end of the day,” Halter said. “It comes down to me throwing good shots and being my best.”

Clay, Halter and their teammates assemble on the lanes three days a week, each session stretching to about two hours. It’s here, on these polished wooden planks, that their love for the sport ignites, burns and blazes.

But what led these two young talents to Shawnee State University? For Halter, the answer is simple: Having the backing of a friend by his side. Clay’s choice was driven by the opportunity to pursue his passion while furthering his education. At Shawnee State University, they found not only a place to grow as bowlers but also a community that welcomed them with open arms.

Their Shawnee State experience has been nothing short of remarkable. Both Clay and Halter have thrived on the bowling team, building lifelong friendships and boosting their college journey. Shawnee State’s encouraging atmosphere, the dedication of its coaching staff and its unwavering commitment to nurturing talent make it a perfect place for aspiring bowlers.

Yet, it’s not just about the strikes and spares for this team. The Shawnee State bowling ensemble is a close-knit family. They bond not only on the lanes but also under the moonlight, sharing the joy of impromptu football games beneath the streetlights and countless adventures that paint their college days with vivid memories.

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