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Spencer Toy

Spencer Toy, Staff Writer

Spencer Toy is a 21-year-old from Huntington, West Virginia. He is a sophomore at Shawnee State University and majors in communication with a minor focused in photography. Toy is inspired by his father, who also works in the reporting field back in Huntington.

Toy's goal when writing is to inform the local area of events and to inspire people to plan their own entertainment. Toy wants to write about things outside Ohio, stating that he wants to “go somewhere, do something.” One thing Toy hopes to cover in a future article is the Mothman festival that takes place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, every year. 

This will not be Toy’s first position in journalism, though. He also has worked for the Kricker Hub as a freelance photographer. One of his responsibilities was documenting events by taking photos of gatherings and the people who attended them.

When asked if he had any fears about going into journalism, Toy said that he does not necessarily feel scared. “I have more hope than fears,” he said. Having past experience helps ease any fears others may have and lets him focus more on the positive potential of what may happen. Toy's only apprehension is that this is a completely new environment for him. With his aspirations and past experience, Toy surely will be a great addition to the Chronicle.

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