Bridge to Success Program

Kayla Wagoner, Staff Reporter

Shawnee State University offers a seven-week in-person or online program to students that have received a low ACT or SAT score. This seven-week program gives incoming freshman students the chance to get a feel for what college level courses will be like. Some incoming freshman may struggle with the change from high school classes to college classes, the struggle can cause students to fail or fall behind.  This program was created for students who may need the extra support. While going through the program, students will have a chance to speak with a career counselor and academic advisor who will help the student determine what career path will be best for them. This program is offered in the Summertime so incoming freshman students can apply for the Fall semester.

Who is Eligible for this program? While a junior or senior in high school, students may take a test called the ACT (American College Testing). The score from this test will show their skills from five core subjects: English, math, reading, writing, and science. This score is asked on most college applications. If a student scores low on the test, this seven-week program will help them be prepared for college level courses. If there are two or more developmental needs shown the student will automatically be enrolled into this program.

Students with only one developmental need, are they eligible for the program? Shawnee State is aware that students may only have one developmental need, but this program is strictly for students that show two or more developmental needs. If the program does not fill up with students that have two developmental needs, then the program will then open to include students that only need one course. The Admissions Office can confirm if there is a waiting list for this program.

Am I a Shawnee Bear when I am accepted to this program? When students apply to this program, they are not fully enrolled to the University. Once the student submits their application for the program and submits their scores, they must finish the Bridge to Success program to be enrolled as a student. If the student successfully finishes the program, then their academic advisor that is assigned to the student in the beginning will recommend that they are ready to switch to their college level classes that are related to the major that he/she has chosen. Their academic advisor may suggest that they take classes that follow the General Studies curriculum.

When should students start thinking about the ACT test or Placement Test for their desired University? In high school the ACT is offered during a students junior or senior year. Some schools may offer prep classes for taking the ACT. Current high school students should take the ACT as soon as they are eligible to do so. The dates, times, and locations are on the website; these can be found at High school teachers suggest that each student should take the ACT multiple times, since they may test higher another time. On college applications, the student should put their highest score.

What if the student no longer needs to be in the program after applying? If the student has retaken the ACT or placement test, the highest score should be given to the admissions office and the student can be exempt from the program. There is a deadline to do so, and the reason for that is to keep students from trying to exempt their scores and to be taken out of the program once the program has started.

What are in-class policies like? This program runs just like the rest of Shawnee State’s classes. Participation, attendance, and behavior are just as important in this program as it is for the students that start in the Fall semester. This program is to support those students that may need additional help or help students learn how to create better study habits to be successful in their desired program. If students do not follow the curriculum then they can be dismissed from the program. In that case, the only way that student can return to Shawnees campus is to show improvement from another University or community college.

Is this program beneficial for new incoming students? Shawnee State University hopes to educate students so each student can be successful in their journey. The Bridge to Success Program was designed to help students improve their learning skills. It is completely up to the student whether this program will be beneficial for them. If the student shows up and participates in class, then that student will more than likely benefit from this program. If a student that is in the program feels as if they are not benefiting from the program, then the student should speak with their professor or academic advisor and determine what needs to be done for them to succeed.

For further information on this Bridge to Success program, contact the Admissions Office.